We are different from other tokenomics tools

There are two broad categories of tokenomics calculators out there: Agent based simulators - Those are great simulation tools, however they are very tedious to configure and assume you have quite a bit of tokenomics knowledge yourself. Their prescriptive qualities are aimed at optimizing your product and less so the actual tokenomics. They also work best for live projects with actual data. Simple tokenomics templates - they are easy to use (although they still assume you know a bit about tokenomics) and will let you configure your token allocations and vesting, but do very little in terms of prescriptive actions on what can be improved and how. Our models are different, by combining the best of both worlds, and then some:

Business focused

We understand that you are not a tokenomics expert and we think that you do not need to be. Our process focuses on your business and builds the tokenomics on top of that.

Multiple scenarios

We provide you with not one, not two, but five different complete tokenomics setups to choose from (optimized for different goals) all tailored to your business.


Our models are usable out-of-the-box, but you are also able to fully customize all the models output, should you choose to fine-tune any parameter.

Pitch ready

We understand that it is not enough to have the right numbers, you also need to present them properly. Our output is not just numbers and charts, but also a 12+ pages of business-focused explanation of the tokenomics.


Our models are prescriptive, meaning they tell you what needs your attention and how different aspects of your tokenomics can be improved in order to get the best possible results.


We run several thousands of tests each week on our models in order to make sure they are correct and produce the best possible results.

Free version

Unlike most similar tools we offer a fully free version of the model, so that you can decide weather you like it or not.


Our tool is designed by experts with extensive experience in the field of tokenomics and blockchain, from both consulting and operational perspective.

Synergies and discounts

If you use the full version of the model and decide that you want the service of a tokenomics expert, we at FinDaS.org will develop your full tokenomics at a discount.

How does it work?

Submit data

Fill in our tokenomics calculator questionnaire, that will give us all the required data to prepare your tokenomics.

AI generated scenarios

Based on your inputs, our AI-powered algorithms will run through millions of possible setups for your tokenomics and finally produce the 5 different tokenomics scenarios optimized for different purposes. You get the first scenario for free + a non-editable version of our state-of-the-art tokenomics calculator and simulator, developed over thousands of hours of work. See an example of a locked free calculator.

Unlock so much more

If you like the free version, you have the option to unlock the full power of our tokenomics calculator with features such as: - All 5 tokenomics scenarios unlocked - The ability edit and modify the scenarios in order to generate what-if simulations - A full explainer of the generated tokenomics (12+ pages) - Token price projections. - Your file will be kept for 5 years instead of 3 months See an example of an unlocked calculator.

Our offers

Get your tokenomics designed by our algorithms for free!
  • 1 tokenomics setup selected for you
  • Sustainability and token scores for the selected setup
  • Allocations and token sale charts and descriptions
  • Token supply mechanics - inflationary/deflationary
  • Generated files kept for 3 months
  • See an example of a free calculator.
Get your tokenomics
Unlocked calculator
Unlock the full power of our tokenomics calculator
  • 5 optimized tokenomics scenarios to choose from
  • Ability to edit and modify the scenarios
  • 12+ pages of detailed tokenomics descriptions, charts and mechanics, based on your configuration
  • Token value projections using 2 different valuation methodologies
  • Everything from the free version
  • Generated files kept for 5 years
  • See an example of an unlocked calculator.
Unlock your calculator

How payment works

1. Before you make a payment, please make sure you have filled in our tokenomics calculator questionnaire and you have received an email with a link to the calculator. 2. Select a payment option using the buttons to the right. 3. Shortly after your payment is processed (5-10 minutes) your tokenomics calculator will be unlocked. If you have submitted the questionnaire multiple times, we will unlock the one that you submitted last. 4. On your email you will receive an invoice for the payment. 5. Before making a payment, we recommend that you go over our terms and conditions.

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